Parents, we are offering virtual parent teacher conferences.  Please review your child’s grades in pupilpath for marking period 2.  Your child’s teachers will be available for open school to discuss grades, progress and next steps.  Please click on the links below to request an appointment with your teachers. If the times listed don’t work for your schedule, please reach out to the teachers and suggest alternate dates and times.  The parent teacher conference window will be from May 7th until May 22nd. 
Staff memberPositionCalendly LinkICT Joint Session Links 
Ali, ShaazMath
Antaky, DonSocial Studies
Appleblatt, JaySocial Studies
Arzuaga, JoePrincipal
Bacchus, RogerMath-Special Education
Baptiste, MarjorieParaprofessional
Berger, EleonoraEnglish
Braun, JonathanEnglish-Special Education
Buccino, ClaudiaCollege Advisor
Byne, HeatherSocial Worker
Caprio, SusanAssistant Principal
Collier, MatthewMath-Special Education
Constantinidis, IreneGuidance-9th grade
Darrell, LoriAttendance
DeLeon, JovanaSocial Worker
Duffey, DanielEnglish-Special Education
Dulany, ParkerEnglish
Eisman, VictoriaSocial Studies-ESL
Elgalad, AhmedPhysical Education
Evans Muller, SharronSocial Studies-Special Education
Foster, EricCTE-Computer Science
Girard, ValerieAssistant Principal
Gorman Stokes, JenniferSocial Studies
Green, RachelLibrarianM-F, 1:30-3 PM, Open Office Hours,
Hansen, MatthewPhysical Education
Harris, CharlesSocial Studies-Special Education
Hegge, KristaScience
Henry, KorenRestorative Justice
Henry, RobinDean
Hernandez, KevinGuidance-10th grade
Huber, InnaEnglish
Hurley, JennaForeign Language-ESL
Ingram, MichaelPhysical Education
Itskov, KimberlyMath
Jablon, EricSocial Studies-Special Education
Janvier, MikelineGuidance-12th Grade
Jerome, AlilaEnglish-Special Education
Jordan, SoniaSocial Worker
Kane, KhallidSocial Studies
Kim, AliceScience-Special Education
Kong, KwoonDean
La Mendola, SteveCTE-Electrical
Leopold, MarieParaprofessional
LiFranc, RobertCTE-Computer Systems Support
Ligator, SteveScience
Long, BrianEnglish
Lynch, AmoyMath-Special Education
Martin, KilleenScience
McNeal, GaryCTE-Electrical
Miegl, ChristiePsychologist
Mikolajczyk, BernadetteEnglish
Moncoeur, ButlerMath
Namit, MarcosEnglish
Narang, SapnaSpeech
Nichols, XavieraGuidance-11th Grade
Nodoro, KimberlyCTE-Culinary
Olaniyan, TunjiScience
Ostacher, AndreaScience-Special Education
Oyebola, OlumuyiaSocial Studies
Patterson, JenifferSocial Studies
Petersen, CharismaMath
Pillari, NickAssistant Principal
Psoras, VasilisAssistant Principal
Rojas, LuisCTE-Computer Systems Support
Rosenthal, NikiCTE-Culinary
Rouse, CaroletteParent Coordinator
Ryan, ChrisMusic
Schettini, NicholasCTE-Computer Science
Sourial, CarolineSocial Studies
Steele, CamieleScience-Special Education
Taylor, BenroyCTE-Computer Systems Support
Taylor, WebsterMath
Ulrich, WilliamPhysical Education
Wallace, GloriaParaprofessional
Waters, JessicaSocial Studies-Special Education
Weeks, JanineParaprofessional
Williams, CatrimaParaprofessional