Mission Statement :

The goal of the Student Government Body at George Westinghouse CTE High School is to promote a sense of community within the school, and to give each student a voice in determining school issues and in contributing ideas for solutions. As members, we strive to provide students with viable learning experiences and to collaborate with administration, the student government advisor, and other staff to improve student life. Participation encourages responsibility, citizenship, and leadership.  Leadership is a key component of a successful student government.

Mrs. Lynch
Mrs. Lynch
Vice President - Reagan McLean
Vice President Reagan McLean
Secretary- Kizzara Marryshow
Secretary Kizzara Marryshow
Treciana Walters
Treasurer Treciana Walters
11th Grade Rep- Tristen Altime
11th Grade Rep- Tristen Altime Maria Yagual
11th Grade Reps Abraham Charles
10th Grade Rep-Brandon Smith
10th Grade Reps Rolando Gerardo Garcia
9th grade Rep- Diana Guerrero
9th Grade Rep Edwin Osorio
S.G 2022-2023

Student Government Accomplishments

  • The Student Government worked on a survey for the school bell. That is already in effect.

  • The Student Government worked on a survey for the school culture that was sent to the students and still waiting for responses. 

  • The Student Government rewrote its mission statement.

  • The Student Government is helping to write the Westinghouset Warrior Profile.