Mr. Arzuaga, Principal Dear Parents,

Westinghouse takes pride in its identity as a Career and Technical Education High School, where we blend the rigors of a Regents-based academic curriculum with our four technical majors. This is an amazing opportunity for students, as they not only become scholars ready for college, but graduates with the certifications needed to jump straight into hands-on careers. What does this mean for them, for our staff and you, the parents?

For the students, our dual focus means they have to work hard, stay focused, and be organized. They must be resilient. They need to come to school every day on time, prepared to engage and participate. They have to challenge themselves with ambitious goals and take personal responsibility for achieving them. They are required to collaborate with other students to learn how to work on teams, as will be demanded of them in their careers.

Our staff and industry partners work equally hard, creating special programs, clubs, internships and support systems. Teachers plan instruction carefully, prepare engaging materials, and use well-researched teaching strategies such as differentiated instruction and social-emotional learning. They accept where the students are academically, socially, and emotionally, and move them to ever higher levels of achievement, up to Advanced Placement courses.

I invite parents to join our staff and partners as key members of our team to support our students. Embark on the journey with your child. Motivate them. Send them words of encouragement and support. Hold them accountable to their highest ideals and strongest efforts. Contact your child’s teachers, guidance counselor, parent coordinator and administrator. Participate in the PTA, SLT or simply call us to let us know how you want to help.

With the addition of the child’s support system at home, we will have a graduate who is ready to handle the rigors of college or be prepared to enter the world of work with a solid Career and Technical Education foundation. We will celebrate their success together.


Educationally Yours,

Joe Arzuaga