Department Vision and Mission

Studies have shown that individuals who participate in fitness and athletic activities become more adaptable, communicative, and likely to be free of physical and mental ailments. The Physical Education program at Westinghouse is designed to introduce new sports, games, and athletic activities as well as re-establish previously learned skill-sets in order to further promote health, fitness, and lifetime participation in sports. We want students to understand the importance of an active lifestyle.

Disciplinary Skills

Successful Physical Education students are able to:

  • Attend to the details of techniques and skills in a professional manner.
  • Apply critical thinking in regards to fundamentals, rules, and histories of each sport/activity.
  • Display professional attitudes of respect, cooperation and teamwork through all activities.
  • Adapt to environmental changes while still focusing on desired goals and outcomes.
  • Understand that respect, leadership and communication skills go beyond the gymnasium and correlate to real life situations.
  • Continue to pursue and engage in health, fitness, and lifetime sports beyond high school.