1)navigate to admin.google.com, put in your westinghousehs.org username and click “next”,  then put in your password.

2)While your login may show less icons than mine, however you could immediately start to use the search bar near top center, to lookup a student either by first name or last name.

3)As you type, suggested matches should start appear directly below the text field.  In my example, as I start to type “chrome”, a user with firstname “chrome” lastname “book” appears, and there is no other close match.  Suppose if you type in the name of a student, you would see results as you type, or if you hit enter to finish the search.  Remember, student usernames consist of first 2 letters of firstname + first 3 letters of lastname + last 4 digits of his/her OSIS#.  Choose the correct student/user base on the information you have.

4)If you click on the target user from your search, you will then enter that user’s profile page.  You typically would not need to change anything here, the most frequent option you would likely use is “reset password”.

5)Should you need to reset a student’s password, I suggest that you manually enter one (anything you want, but at least 8 digits), then leave the option to require the student to create a new password checked (default).  This way, when the student logs in using the temporary password that you created, he/she will immediately be prompted to create a new one.

Email me if you have any questions.