Department Vision and Mission

The Career and Technical Education majors at Westinghouse equip our students with the industry credentials and workplace skills they need to advance confidently toward bright futures in career, college, and life.

Disciplinary Skills

Our CTE graduates are able to:

  • Attend to details in a professional way.
  • Think critically in a variety of settings.
  • Explore with curiosity the many facets of the working world and academia.
  • Adapt flexibly to changing environments in education and industry.
  • Persevere through difficulties to achieve desired goals/outcomes.
  • Display professional attitudes of respect and cooperation throughout learning and work experiences.
  • Apply skills and knowledge in multiple disciplines.
  • Pursue employment opportunities within or beyond their fields of study.
  • Plan their finances to sustain fulfilling and productive personal lives.
  • Thrive as productive global citizens who contribute to the well-being of society.