The program provides multiple opportunities for students to master the technical and soft skills needed to build, create, maintain, and debug computer programs being utilized in the professional and personal space through hands-on, project based learning that are required by the tech industry.  The Computer Science program offers students both transferable and technical skills needed to create, manipulate, and organize digital content.  Students will gain industry exposure and experience through guest speakers, workshops, and internships. Students will learn how to become leaders, communicators, collaborators, and critical thinkers.

Through rigorous instructional practices, students are prepared for worldwide industry credentials that may lead to advanced standing  or college credit at postsecondary institutions, and entry-level employment opportunities in the CS/IT community.  In addition, the program will expose  students to career and financial education, which will allow them to succeed financially in terms of managing their money, building assets and avoiding liabilities, paying taxes, and investing for long term growth. 


Skills and projects completed during the course will relate directly to actual every-day job functions in the computer science field and are designed around employer needs. The skills learned during the course will allow students to be better prepared for roles such as:

  • Python Developer  
  • Software Developer 
  • Software Engineer 
  • Data analyst  
  • Systems Analyst 

Computer Science positions can be found in every sector – such as: healthcare, finance, retail, and even gaming! Computer science professionals can be found working at companies such as: Facebook, Twitter,  Google, ConEdison, Northwell Health, NYC Agencies, Blizzard Entertainment, Epic Games, and more.   A benefit of experience and knowledge of computer science is that many fields outside of computer science will appreciate and recognize your abilities, which will only help your ability to acquire a career.